Did Your Crane Or Lift Break Down?

Did Your Crane Or Lift Break Down?

Get on-site repairs from a skilled repair company

You rely on your crane and lift to do the heavy lifting every day. You don't have time to wait around when something breaks. Maine Crane and Lift LLC provides prompt repair services so you can keep your worksite operational.

Our crew will visit your worksite to diagnose your equipment and explain your options. Our technicians are knowledgable and we can perform many common repairs on-site. You can purchase parts directly from us and have your repairs completed with minimum downtime. If the damage is more severe, we can take your unit back to our shop for additional repairs.

Get repairs for your cranes and lifts by calling 207-487-7270 now.

We can fix all kinds of problems

Cranes and lifts withstand extreme stress every day, and parts will inevitably wear down eventually. If you notice your unit operating poorly, we can replace individual parts to keep it operating properly. You can rely on us to fix:

  • Steering problems
  • Jerky or slow lifting
  • Broken components
  • Downed machines
  • Hydraulic cylinder rebuilds
  • Electrical diagnosing
  • Leaks

Schedule repair services by contacting us today.